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Streamlining Success with Strategic USA Warehouse Solutions

Our facility provides a range of personalized storage solutions, catering primarily to Amazon sellers and companies in need of third-party logistics (3PL) services. We’re committed to managing your stock with exceptional care and precision. Our warehousing solutions are crafted to ensure your products are stored safely and efficiently, offering dependable warehousing options designed to suit your distinct requirements.

Why Choose Eleevate Logistics

warehouse for storage?

1. Transparent Pricing

At Eleevate Logistics, we offer a clear and straightforward billing structure based on the actual days your goods are stored with us. This means if your items are in our warehouse for a specific number of days, you're billed just for those days—no more, no less.

2. Processing Under 48 Hours

We guarantee fast, precise handling of your products, ensuring they are racked and scanned within 48 hours to keep your inventory accurate and your operations smooth.

3. Efficient Use of Space

Our innovative storage solutions are designed to optimize space and efficiency. By utilizing 72-inch-high stacking for pallets, we not only adhere to Amazon's storage guidelines but also ensure that you're able to maximize the storage space available.

Our Services

Inventory Receiving

Transload or Cross docking

Storage Solutions


Inventory Receiving

Upon arrival, your goods are promptly unloaded, organized onto pallets, and securely wrapped. We handle each item with great attention to ensure safety and integrity from the moment they reach our facility.

Transload/Cross docking

Our specialized transload and cross-docking services are designed to streamline your supply chain. This allows for the swift movement of goods between transport modes, eliminating unnecessary storage time and cost.

Storage Solutions

Our warehousing services are built around your unique needs, offering flexible and reliable storage options. We are dedicated to managing your inventory with the utmost care, ensuring it’s stored in optimal conditions and handled with professionalism.


We take care of preparing your shipments for Amazon, including the pasting of Amazon shipping and Pallet labels to your master cartons and Pallets respectively. Depending on your chosen shipping method, SPD or LTL, we ensure your goods are correctly labeled and handed off to the appropriate Amazon carrier partner, ensuring a smooth transition into their system.


3PL warehousing stands for Third-Party Logistics warehousing. It’s a service where another company handles the storage and management of your products. This can significantly ease your workload by taking care of storing your inventory, which lets you focus more on selling and growing your business.

We work efficiently to process your inventory as quickly as possible. Typically, goods are racked and scanned into our system within 48 hours of arrival, ensuring your stock levels are up-to-date and you can keep selling without interruptions.

Our pricing model is designed to be as simple and transparent as possible. It’s typically based on the amount of space your inventory occupies and the duration it stays in our warehouse. This means if your items are in our warehouse for a specific number of days, you’re billed just for those days—no more, no less.

Our warehousing services are designed to be adaptable, offering storage solutions without any strict minimums or maximums. This flexibility allows us to serve a wide range of e-commerce businesses, from the smallest startups to large-scale operations, ensuring that we can meet your needs regardless of your company’s size.

Our approach to stacking pallets maximizes the allowable height limit of 72 inches set by Amazon. This strategic use of vertical space not only helps in saving costs but also reduces the number of shipments needed to move your goods to Amazon fulfillment centers, making your logistics more efficient.

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